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Éric Aubriot
Born 1972-05-15
Paris, France
Education Les Pres d'Eugenie
Culinary career
Cooking style French

Éric Aubriot (born 15 May 1972 in Paris) is a French-born American chef.

Aubriot who has twice been nominated for the James Beard Rising Star award.[1][2] Having opened three restaurants in Chicago's bustling north side, Aubriot is the darling of some food critics of Chicago. Over the years he has shifted frequently from his French background to numerous other styles.

Aubriot moved from France to the United States as a child. He began his career training under Michel Guerard at the Michelin Three-Star Les Pres d'Eugenie in Eugenie Les Bains, France, where he learned some of the fine points of French cuisine. Next, Aubriot apprenticed under Chef Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV hotel in Monaco, another Michelin Three-Star restaurant.[3]

After spending two years in France, Aubriot returned to the United States and settled in Chicago. He first worked as a pastry cook at Gypsy. Chef Aubriot then accepted a position as sous-chef and then chef de cuisine under Jacky Pluton at the Mobil Four-Star Carlos in Highland Park, Illinois.[3]

Eric opened his first restaurant with his wife at the time, Stephanie, in May 1998, named after themselves, to commercial and critical acclaim.[3] He went to Tournesol, a french cuisine bistro in Lincoln Square, as a consulting chef in 2002.[4] In 2004 he moved to Hotel 71's Fuse.[5][6] In mid-2007 he was on the middle-eastern Alhambra[7] The year 2008 saw him in the Italian Il Fiasco in Andersonville.[8]

As of March 2011 he is in his Izakaya Lure in Chinatown.[9]


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