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Eric Blossom is the founder of the GNU Radio project.[1] GNU Radio is a free software toolkit for building software-defined radio and signal processing systems.[2] His intention has been to build decentralized communication, moving away from infrastructure-based systems. One-way channels provided by broadcast radio and TV are heavily regulated, so there is a need for strategies that free content from being controlled by a small handful of powerful organizations, helping to liberate the user's interests rather than the operators'.[3]

Prior to his involvement with software radio, Blossom worked in the secure phone business, becoming the co-founder and CTO of Starium Ltd., where he oversaw the design and development of a line of cryptographic equipment for the commercial marketplace.[4] He is also the founder of an international consulting company called Blossom Research.[5][6] Blossom practices yoga and jujitsu.[3]

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