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For those of a similar name, see Erik Christensen (disambiguation).

Eric Christensen (born March 12, 1969) is an award-winning US Visual Effects Supervisor and Chief Executive Officer of two Visual Effects Companies.

Christensen was born in Redding, California. After working as a grocery checker for the Raley's Superstore Chain, he worked in a series of odd jobs until landing at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)in 1999. While working there, Christensen coined the phrase "Hard Surface Roto" as well as "Organic Roto" which used advanced tracking techniques to proceduralize the normally slow process of rotoscoping.

With over twenty feature films under his belt, Christensen quit ILM to form his own company, "RotoFactory" in 2006 to offer other visual effects shops in the United States an opportunity to keep their 2D outsourcing domestic. In 2010, Christensen expanded into New Orleans, Louisiana, to offer expanded services to the major motion picture studios as well as a 30% tax incentive allowed by the state of Louisiana. Christensen's Factory VFX also began training programs to assist New Orleans residents in developing a new industry, working with both government programs and local city non-profits, Factory VFX is helping revitalize a city stricken with natural and man-made disasters.

Aside from his Visual Effects film-work, Christensen also runs three additional companies all under the banner of Christensen Media Services that includes television production, digital and print publications.


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