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Eric Vishria (born 1979) is a general partner at Benchmark, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.[1] Previously, he was CEO and co-founder of Rockmelt[2] and served as vice president at Yahoo [3] following Yahoo's acquisition of Rockmelt.[4]


Vishria graduated from Stanford University at age 19 with a B.S. in Mathematical & Computational Science and a minor in Human Biology. He began his career in investment banking at Broadview International and got his first entrepreneurial experience as an early employee at Loudcloud[5] and later Opsware.[6] When Opsware was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2007 for $1.65 billion, Vishria was serving as VP of Marketing. At HP, Eric was Vice President of the Products, Software, Technology Solutions Group in HP Software.[7]

In October 2008, Vishria left HP to co-found RockMelt with Tim Howes, and launched the RockMelt social browser in November 2010. In 2013, RockMelt was acquired by Yahoo for a reported $60–70 million,[8] where Vishria started working as a Yahoo VP.[9] In 2014, Vishria joined Benchmark as a general partner, the first partner addition in over 6 years.[10] In November 2014, Vishria led Benchmark's investment in Confluent, an open-source data platform built around Apache Kafka. [11]