Erik Sommer

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Erik Sommer
Eviction (2012)
Born (1978-02-25) February 25, 1978 (age 39)
Duluth, Minnesota
Nationality American
Known for Contemporary Art, Painting, Sculpture

Erik Sommer (born February 25, 1978) is an American contemporary artist living in New York City.[1] Best known for his weathered canvases[2] and cement installations,[3] his work is often compared to abandoned buildings,[4] eroding stone or forgotten structures.[5] The layers of his paintings peel off the supports, while his cement installations recreate scenes that feel to have been recently abandoned.[6]


Sommer has been exhibiting in both solo and group shows since 2006.[7] Pray To Fallen Skies,[8] his first solo UK show, opened in London in November 2012. Consisting of large all-white canvases, the work was exhibited in separate viewing rooms constructed by Tom Finch. Access to these rooms was limited so that viewers could privately immerse themselves with the work.[9]

And Riding Clouds, which opened in New York City in April 2013,[10] featured Sommer's first cement installation. Apt. 4B consisted of found objects collected throughout the city, which were then cemented and arranged to recreate the living room of a New York City apartment. The show was reviewed favorably by Robert C. Morgan in World Sculpture News.[11]

Painting, Interior, a cement installation of a room being painted, was shown in New York in October 2015.[12] In July 2016 Sommer created and exhibited Die Chemische Reining, a cement installation of a dry cleaner, in Berlin. KALTBLUT Magazine, one of Berlin's leading art and fashion magazines, reviewed the show along with an in-depth interview with Sommer.[13]

His next cement installation, Car, will be shown in Brooklyn in July - August 2017.[14]

Installation view of Apt.4B


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