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Erika Fox (born 3 October 1936) is a British composer and teacher. She was born in Vienna and emigrated to England as a refugee in 1939. She grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home, and studied composition at the Royal College of Music with Bernard Stevens, and later with Jeremy Dale Roberts and Harrison Birtwistle.[1]


Fox writes for stage and vocal as well as instrumental performance, and her compositions incorporate elements of Jewish traditional music. Selected works include:

  • Nine lessons from Isaiah (1970)
  • The Dancer, Hotoke (1991) chamber opera, text by Ruth Fainlight
  • Shir (1983) for large chamber ensemble
  • The Moon of Moses (1992) for solo cello
  • Osen Shoomaat (1985) for 36 solo strings[2]
  • The Bet (1990) puppet music drama, text by Elaine Feinstein
  • Malinconia Militare (2003) for chamber ensemble
  • Café, Warsaw 1944 (2005) for chamber ensemble


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