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Origin Japan
Genres Hi-NRG, dance-funk, electronic, pop, new wave
Years active 1989–1994
Labels Pony Canyon (ポニーキャニオン)
Past members Mikiyo Ohno (大野幹代)
Azusa Senou (瀬能あづさ)
Rieko Miura (三浦 理恵子)
Erika Haneda (羽田恵理香)
Maki Miyamae (宮前真樹)

CoCo was a Japanese pop group which consist of Mikiyo Ohno, Azusa Senou, Rieko Miura, Erika Haneda, and Maki Miyamae.


CoCo released their first single on September 6, 1989. They debuted with "Equal Romance" and found themselves on the charts almost regularly. CoCo even had a couple of their songs ("Equal Romance," "Omoide ga Ippai," and "Mou Nakanaide") as theme songs for the very popular anime series Ranma ½. Azusa left the group in 1992 and went solo, while the other four stayed behind. Reiko and Maki released solo works but chose to remain in the group.

In a historic performance, CoCo joined Ribbon, Qlair and a few solo idols for the "Otomejuku" Concert. The highlight was when all of them joined onstage for a rousing version of the Candies classic "Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu."

Their final single, "You're My Treasure" was released to the public before they disbanded on August 3, 1994.



# Title Release date Album
1 "EQUAL Romance" (EQUALロマンス?) September 6, 1989 Strawberry
2 "Hanbun Fushigi" (はんぶん不思議?) January 24, 1990
3 "Natsu no Tomodachi/Omoide ga Ippai" (夏の友達/思い出がいっぱい?) May 17, 1990
4 "Sasayaka na Yūwaku" (ささやかな誘惑?) September 5, 1990 Snow Garden
5 "Live Version" January 1, 1991 STRAIGHT
6 "News na Mirai" (Newsな未来?) April 10, 1991 CoCo Ichiban!
7 "Muteki no Only You" (無敵のOnly You?) July 31, 1991
8 "Yume dake Miteru" (夢だけ見てる?) December 4, 1991 Share
9 "Dakara Namida to Yobanaide" (だから涙と呼ばないで?) April 17, 1992
10 "Natsuzora no Dreamer" (夏空のDreamer?) August 5, 1992 Sylph
11 "Yokohama Boy Style" (横浜Boy Style?) November 20, 1992
12 "Chiisa na Ippo de" (ちいさな一歩で?) April 21, 1993 Sweet & Bitter
13 "Koi no Junction" (恋のジャンクション?) November 3, 1993
14 "You're my treasure ~ Tooi Yakusoku" (You're my treasure~遠い約束?) July 6, 1994 Sweet & Bitter


Studio albums[edit]

  • Strawberry (1990)
  • Snow Garden (1990)
  • STRAIGHT (1991)
  • Share (1992)
  • Sylph (1992)
  • Sweet & Bitter (1994)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • CoCo Ichiban! (CoCo一番!?) (1991)
  • CoCo Personal Best (CoCoパーソナルベスト?) (1993)
  • My Kore! (Myこれ!?) series
    • My Kore! Ction: CoCo BEST (MYこれ!クション CoCo BEST?) (2001)
    • My Kore! Choice 22: STRAIGHT + Singles Collection (Myこれ!チョイス 22 STRAIGHT+シングルコレクション?) (2008)
    • My Kore! Lite: CoCo (Myこれ!Lite CoCo?) (2010)
  • CoCo Uta no Daihyakka volumes 1 & 2 (CoCo☆うたの大百科その1・その2?) (2008)

Special albums[edit]

  • Modan Dōyō (モダンどうよう?) (1994) (as SAMPLE BATTLERS TOKYO featuring CoCo)

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