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Coordinates: 59°18′16″N 18°4′33″E / 59.30444°N 18.07583°E / 59.30444; 18.07583

Eriksdalsbadet 2006.jpg
Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm, summer 2006
Building information
Full name Eriksdalsbadet
City Stockholm, Sweden
Home club(s)

Eriksdalsbadet is the biggest swimming centre in Stockholm, Sweden The outdoor pool was built for the 1962 European Aquatics Championships on the site of a former sewage treatment facility. The new Eriksdalsbadet was built 1999 and was designed by architect Björn Thynberger.

It has:

  • 25 m swimming pool with a depth of mostly 2.5 m but it varies due to a specially-constructed raisable floor. Hosting FINA Swimming World Cup and Arena Diving Champions Cup annually.
  • 50 m pool (Olympic size swimming pool) with a depth of 2.20 m at the edges and 2.60 m in the middle of the pool
  • 50 m outdoor pool
  • bubble pools
  • learning pool
  • "Lilla bassängen", the small pool, also with a raisable floor, most commonly 90 cm deep
  • diving tower with 3.5 m and 10 m high platforms
  • an adventure world for children

The water temperature is usually 27 degrees Celsius.

SK Neptun, Stockholmspolisens IF, SoIK Hellas, Stockholms KK and Spårvägens SF all use Eriksdalsbadet for training.

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