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Ernest Gottlieb Sihler (1853–1942) was a Professor of Classics at New York University. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he was the son of Lutheran missionary Wilhelm Sihler and great-uncle to Andrew Sihler.

Sihler's professional name was Ernest G. Sihler, but within the Sihler family he was always known as Gottlieb. Not long after leaving Concordia College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the post at New York University, he endowed a library fund there for the purchase of "books of standard value" (i.e., presumably excluding rare books, incunabula, and so on).

Major works[edit]

  • Cicero of Arpinum: A Political and Literary Biography Being a Contribution to the History of Ancient Civilization and a Guide to the Study of Cicero
  • A Complete Lexicon of the Latinity of Caesar's Gallic War
  • From Maumee to Thames and Tiber: The Life Story of an American Classical Scholar (autobiography)
  • Testimonium Animae
  • Caesar's Annales, Critical Edition

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