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Ernesto Herrera [1] (1889–1917) was a Uruguayan playwright, short story writer and journalist.


He travelled widely in Europe.

Herrera was active in journalism.


Short stories[edit]

His writings include a collection of short stories 'Su majestad el hambre', 1910 (His majesty hunger).

In terms of his successful writings, Herrera thereafter moved away from the genre of short story writer.


Herrera's reputation is particularly as a playwright.

His first major play was 'El estanque', 1910 (The pond). Some of his plays received critical acclaim, particularly 'El leon ciego', 1911 (The blind lion).

Death and legacy[edit]

His early death in 1917 when he had not yet attained the age of 30 left his reputation as an accomplished playwright with a sense of unfulfilled potential.


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