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Ernst Neef (16 April 1908 in Dresden – 7 July 1984 in Dresden)[1] was a German geographer. Together with Carl Troll (1899–1975) and Josef Schmithüsen (1909–1984), he is considered one of the founders of landscape ecology.[2]

English Publications of Neef[edit]

  • Neef, E. 1967/2007: The theoretical foundations of landscape study. In: Wiens, J.A., Moss, M.R., Turner, M.G. & Mladenoff, D.J. 2007 (Eds): Foundation papers in landscape ecology. New York, Columbia University Press: 225–245. First published in German 1967: Die theoretischen Grundlagen der Landschaftslehre. Gotha, Haack.
  • Neef, E. 1983: Landscapes as the integration field of human regional work. Geol. Mijnbouw 62: 531–534.
  • Neef, E. 1984: Applied landscape research. Appl. Geogr. Develop. 24: 38–58.


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