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Escenas de Matrimonio TV is a series issued by the Spanish television network, Telecinco, produced by Alba Adriatica (Branch producer Miramon Mendi), premiered on show of 1 August, 2007ing the reactions of fun couples who live in the same building situations Similar deals in their daily lives.


La Primera de TVE (2002–2004)[edit]

The idea of the show comes in 2002 as a separate program sketches varieties Spanish Television,Noche de Fiesta, led by José Luis Moreno. His nephews Alberto and Laura Caballero are responsible for the direction and screenplay respectively in this mini-comedy, which soon becomes one of the most celebrated of the program.

In this first actors who gave life to the characters Marisa Porcel (Pepa), Pepe Ruiz (Avelino) Silvia Gambino (Marina) and Alfredo Cernuda (Roberto). The characters of the young couple, less defined, did not even have names at this stage and were interpreted by Manuel Belmonte and Ruth Arteaga. In the next season would be replaced by Rosana Manso and Javier Coromina, and sometimes Martin Czehmester.

Antena 3 (2004)[edit]

Once terminated the program in June 2004, some of his players joined, playing the same characters in the series of Antena 3La sopa boba, boba is issued until the end of 2004. The roles were played by Marisa Porcel (Pepa), Pepe Ruiz (Avelino) Silvia Gambino (Marina) and Alfredo Cernuda (Roberto). At this stage there is a young couple.

Theater (2003–2006)[edit]

Given the great success of the idea, the sketch takes the stage, and between 2003 and 2006 tours are conducted throughout Spain, under the titleMatrimoniadas: Until death do us part. In 2005 and 2006, the role of Roberto's going to be interpreted by Santiago Urrialde and the young couple is played by Paloma Figueroa and Mario Barbero following Pepe Ruiz, Marisa Porcel and Silvia Gambino in the papers Avelino, Pepa and Marina respectively.

Finally the role premieres in Teatro La Latina in Madrid, and represents April and November 2005 with the following list: Marisa Porcel Pepe Ruiz, Silvia Gambino, Alfredo Cernuda, Rosana Manso and Martin Czehmester.

Telecinco: Escenas de Matrimonio (2007–)[edit]

So it all started[edit]

Since 1 August 2007, restores the original idea, issued daily in the chain Telecinco Series Escenas de Matrimonio, with great success for a hearing on the same pattern of independent and sketches in which, as a novelty, have joined David Venancio Muro in the role of Roberto, Soledad Mallol in the Marina as a middle-aged couple; Miren Ibarguren at Sonia and Daniel Muriel in the role of Miguel, and young couples. Pepe Ruiz and repeated Avelino as Marisa Porcel and Pepa respectively being the older partner.

Besides the main characters in the series can also be seen as secondary Ramon (Ruben Sanz)the attractive best friend Miguel (Daniel Muriel), which Sonia (Miren Ibarguren) does not support, Berta (Marta Poveda), the best friend Sonia (Miren Ibarguren), a married with children who are lees to every man who is, who is also bundled with Ramon (Ruben Sanz), Paco (Jesus Caba), the doorman of the building where they live to make any marriage because of a tip or Desislava (Emilia Uutinen), the beautiful assistant of Pepa (Marisa Porcel) and Avelino (Pepe Ruiz).

He also noted epsisódicos characters like Laura (Rosa Clara Garcia), the best friend Marina (Soledad Mallol), married with one child to give her friend advice on marriage, Cayetana (Carmen Esteban), Pepa's best friend (Marisa Porcel), who loves to meddle with his friend and Domingo (Ibon Uzkudun), the former Sonia (Miren Ibarguren) not to stop the can to the young couple.

Abandonment of Pepa and Avelino and incorporation of Paca and Natalio[edit]

At the end of 2007 Pepe Ruiz (Avelino) and Marisa Porcel (Pepa) left Escenas de Matrimonio in full success, following sign for Antena 3. Joined them immediately to Antena 3 where the two are currently working in La Familia Mata.

In early 2007 was incorporated as a substitute for another marriage Pepa (Marisa Porcel) and Avelino (Pepe Ruiz), performed by Manuel Galiana and Mary Carmen Ramirez as Natalio and Paca respectively.

Desislava (Emilia Uutinen), the assistant Pepa (Marisa Porcel) and Avelino (Pepe Ruiz), followed in the series despite the abandonment of these, playing the same role and being now assistant Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) and Natalio (Manuel Galiana).

Cayetana (Carmen Esteban), the best friend of Pepa (Marisa Porcel), also remains in the series now best friend Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) after abandoning Pepa (Marisa Porcel) and Avelino (Pepe Ruiz).

New marriage, Cesareo and Brígida[edit]

At the end of February 2008, he joined another marriage, performed by Cesareo Estebanez that plays Cesareo and Mamen Garcia who plays Brigida, the retired guys playing Paco (Jesus Caba), adding to the series most decorated, as the portal or the house of Paco (Jesus Caba), where they are coupled.

In the new season, Brigida (Mamen Garcia) and Cesareo (Cesareo Estebanez) have changed after touching decorated the lottery and buy another apartment in the building. Both hire Desislava (Emilia Uutinen) as an assistant after abandoning Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) and Natalio (Manuel Galiana).

Also Sigur (Martin Czehmesther), the boyfriend Desislava (Emilia Uutinen) to be mad at all women in the building.

In the new season following the abandonment of Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) and Natalio (Manuel Galiana), Cayetana (Carmen Esteban), the best friend of Pepa (Marisa Porcel) and then Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez), will become the best friend Brigida (Mamen Garcia) where they share many scenes with her.

New partner, Ricardo and Eufemia, which could already see in the series[edit]

In July 2008, began broadcasting scenes of Eufemia (Marta Puig) and Ricardo (Juan Jesus Valverde), Miguel's mother (Daniel Muriel) and Sonia's father (Miren Ibarguren), respectively, which could already be seen in the series, but with Miguel (Daniel Muriel) and Sonia (Miren Ibarguren).

But it was only at the end of the first season since beginning the second season, as before leaving again, sharing some scenes with Miguel (Daniel Muriel) Ainhoa and (Mar Saura). Although occasionally leave them with two scenes alone.

Abandonment Natalio and Paca[edit]

Mary Carmen Ramirez (Paca) and Manuel Galiana (Natalio) have abandoned the series because it split up and the floor where they lived, but Emilia Uutinen (Desislava), assistance Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) and Natalio (Manuel Galiana) is still in the series despite the abandonment of these, now as assistant Brigida (Mamen Garcia) and Cesareo (Cesareo Estebanez) after moving to another floor.

It also incorporates Martin Czehmester as Sigur, the boyfriend Desislava (Emilia Uutinen), of which he saw in some chapters of the first season, but now sharing scenes with Brigida (Mamen Garcia) and Cesareo (Cesareo Estebanez).

Cayetana (Carmen Esteban), the best friend of Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez), will become the best friend Brigida (Mamen Garcia) following the abandonment of Paca (Mary Carmen Ramirez) and Natalio (Manuel Galiana).

Abandonment and Ramon Sonia and incorporating Ainhoa[edit]

Miren Ibarguren (Sonia) following sign for Aída leaves the series, which will leave your kid by Ramon (Rubén Sanz) is also up in the series.

Replacing Sonia (Miren Ibarguren) has been Ainhoa (Mar Saura) a divorced lawyer who will be the new partner Miguel (Daniel Muriel). Although initially only companions were flat gradually love.

Also in place of Ramon (Rubén Sanz) has joined Nico ( Antonio Moreno), Ramon's cousin (Rubén Sanz), now is the best Miguel Friend (Daniel Muriel), but with a smaller role than that of Ramon (Rubén Sanz).

Domingo (Ibon Uzkudun), the former Sonia (Miren Ibarguren) also disappears from the series by abandoning it.

Incorporating Asun and Emilio[edit]

Also includes a new marriage, Silvia Gambino and Santiago Urrialde as Asun and Emilio, a middle-aged marriage that are not supported each other.

Her mother, Florinda, played by Lina Morgan will be very top of them, being anxious to get divorced because they do not support Emilio (Santiago Urrialde). At three weeks of its introduction, Lina Morgan (Florinda) left the series for health reasons.

Weeks later he announced the incorporation of Empar Ferrer as Lupe, the millionaire aunt Asun (Silvia Gambino), which also supports Emilio (Santiago Urrialde).




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