Escuela Superior de Guerra (Argentina)

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The Superior School of War Lieutenant General Luis María Campos (Spanish: Escuela Superior de Guerra Teniente General Luis María Campos) is the university and staff college of the Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic. It was founded by Lt Gen Luis María Campos and opened in 1900.[1]

The school offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. The subjects taught are: Staff officer courses, logistics, strategic intelligence, military history, geopolitics, science subjects, international relations, and education studies. Since 1949 over 3,000 officers have studied there. The school has also taught senior officers of twenty foreign countries


  1. ^ George V. Rauch Conflict in the Southern Cone: The Argentine Military and the ... 1999 Page 106 "... all of its members were graduates of the Colegio Militar.51 To remedy this situation and provide for unity of doctrine, a war academy (Escuela Superior de Guerra, or ESG) was established by War Minister General Luis Maria Campos. A German mission contracted during 1899 and headed by Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Arendt took charge of the ESG."

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