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Ethan Minsker (2006)

Ethan Hart Minsker (born August 25, 1969) is an American writer, filmmaker, artist, fanzine publisher and founding member of the Antagonist Movement.[1][2] His work has received a feature in the French-edition of Vice magazine.[3]

Antagonist Art Movement[edit]

Minsker, Sergio Vega and Anders Olson came up with the concept of the Antagonist Movement.[4] They did one-night art shows for more than 11 years, showcasing the works of more than 3,000 up-and-coming artists.[5] In 2003, Minsker took over running the Antagonist Movement after Vega and Olson moved on to other projects. The group began working with art directors who would guide the artistic direction of the Movement: gabriel coutu-dumont and Anders Olson (2000–2005) with Ted Riederer taking over the role of artistic director in 2005 to the present.[6] Riederer's other projects include Never Records[7]


Minsker received his first super 8mm camera at the age of 7 from his grandfather.[8] A music video he made for the Washington punk band Desiderata[9] was featured on the independent section on MTV's 120 Minutes. His thesis project Amorosis, a 30-minute, 16 mm narrative film, was a finalist at the New York Film Festival. After graduating with honors, Minsker began working on independent films and music videos as a grip and electric.[10]

Minsker's first 71 minute music documentary was Anything Boys Can Do. The film was exhibited at Exit Art Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum.[11] The film won several awards and played in 50 film festivals worldwide.[12][13]

Anything Boys Can Do was followed by The Stick Up Artists in 1999, The Soft Hustle (2000), Mark of the Ninja (2004), Touching a Van Gogh (2004),[14] This Is Berlin, Not New York (2008), and The Dolls of Lisbon in 2011, which was featured as part of a special screening at the Queens Museum of Art in New York City.[15]

Self Medicated[16] (2014) is the most recent documentary, a film about art, artists, and their struggles to stay happy. This film documents the entire history of the Antagonist Movement and the artists involved, employing animation, stop-motion film techniques, interviews, and a killer soundtrack that spans the globe.


Minsker has published several books starting with Rich Boy Cries For Momma,[17] which was featured in the art show "I Bleed Black" at the Marianne Boesky Gallery.[18] Barstool Prophets followed in 2011 and is a fictional memoir.[19]

Personal life[edit]

Minsker is married to Un Lee; the two married on August 10, 2008. On April 3, 2011, Minsker and Lee had their first child, a daughter named Blu Leela Minsker.[citation needed]


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