Ethel Leckwith

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Ethel Leckwith
Century Trilogy character
First appearance Fall of Giants
Last appearance Edge of Eternity
Created by Ken Follett
Nickname(s) Eth
Gender Female
Occupation Member of Parliament
Political Activist
Title Member of Parliament for Aldgate
Family Cara Williams
David Williams
Billy Williams
Spouse(s) Bernie Leckwith
Children Lloyd Williams
Millie Leckwith

Ethel Leckwith (née Williams) (born 1893) is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett.[1] She is the oldest child of David and Cara Williams of Aberowen, a fictional town in southern Wales.

At the beginning of the trilogy, she is a housemaid at Ty Gwyn, the country estate at Aberowen. She is made acting housekeeper for a visit by King George. She has an affair with Earl Fitzherbert, the earl of Aberowen, who sends her away to London when she becomes pregnant. There, she becomes a political activist in the women's suffrage movement during World War I. She marries Bernie Leckwith, with whom she has a daughter, Millie, and is elected a Member of Parliament.

In the second book, Winter of the World, Ethel continues as a Member of Parliament during the Second World War. She is a force of moderation in a tumultuous political world.

In the third book, her children and grandchildren continue to shape society.


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