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Etzel may refer to:

  • Etzel, a Middle High German name used by the second husband of Kriemhild of Burdundy in the Nibelungenlied, in a more wider sense also used to designate Attila the Hun, or the Roman general Flavius Aetius, who sacked the Burgundy stronghold of Worms with the help of Hun troops
  • Etzel (Irgun Tzvai-Leumi), the common Israeli name for Irgun Tzvai-Leumi, or Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary group that operated in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1931 to 1948
  • Etzel (mountain), a mountain in the Alps in Switzerland.
  • Etzel (ship), a preserved 1934 motor ship on Lake Zurich in Switzerland
  • Etzel, Friedeburg, a village in the German municipality of Friedeburg, Lower Saxony
  • Edward Etzel, 1984 US Olympian