Eunice Kazembe

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Eunice Kazembe
Minister of Industry and Trade
In office
15 June 2009 – 26 April 2012
Minister of Education
In office
26 April 2012 – 28 October 2013
Personal details
Born 1952
Died 2013
Nationality Malawian

Eunice Kazembe (1952 – 28 October 2013)[1] was a Malawian politician who was appointed Minister of Industry and Trade in the cabinet of Malawi in 2009.[2] On 26 April 2012 President Joyce Banda named her new cabinet. Kazembe became minister of Education.[3]

Eunice Kazembe was born in 1952.[4] She obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, and a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University.[5] She was at one time General Manager of the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Malawi), and Malawi's Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan). Kazembe was a Chief Advisor to the President on Urban Development from 2005 to 2009, and served as Minister of Trade and Industry, and Minister of Mines, Energy and Natural Resources.[4] She is a trustee and co-founder of Chisomo Children’s Club.[5]

Kazembe was elected a Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu South in May 2009, running on the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) platform.[6] She was appointed Minister of Industry and Trade in the cabinet that became effective on 15 June 2009.[2] She retained this position in the cabinet announced on 9 August 2010.[7]


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