Eureka City

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Eureka City

Eureka City is a ghost town in South Africa. It was established in 1885, when gold was discovered on the Sheba Reef.[1] It is located 7 km from Barberton, Mpumalanga.[2] Its ruins are now located in the northern section of Mountainlands Nature Reserve.[3] A permit from the authorities is now required to enter the ghost town.[4]


In 1887 it had a population of around 700 people.[4] In 1886, the town had three shops, three hotels, a bakery, chemist, racecourse, music hall and bars to cater for the diggers in the area. All that remains now are the ruins of the old Victoria Hotel and the neighbouring Sheba school.[5] The town fell under the Lydenburg District of the South African Republic (ZAR).


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