European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

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The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) is an association of clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals, dedicated to improving the health of people affected by allergic diseases.

European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
TypeMedical professional academy (non-profit)
LocationZurich, Switzerland
Region servedEurope
PresidentIoana Agache (2017-2019)

With nearly 10,000 members from 121 countries and over 50 National Allergy Societies, EAACI is the primary source of expertise in Europe for all aspects of allergy.

Allergic and immunologic diseases (such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema and occupational allergy, food and drug allergy, severe anaphylactic reactions, autoimmune disorders, and immunodeficiencies) represent current crippling or life threatening conditions, and are a cause of worldwide concern. EAACI’s mission is to provide the most efficient platform for scientific communication and education in the field of allergy and immunology, ultimately striving to ease the lives of patients suffering from these diseases.

In pursuit of our mission, we seek to accomplish the following aims:

  • Promoting basic and clinical research
  • Collecting, assessing and disseminating scientific information
  • Functioning as a scientific reference body for other scientific, health and political organisations
  • Encouraging and providing training and continuous education
  • Promoting good patient care in this important area of medicine

EAACI is a non-profit organisation. Income is derived from fees; congress and meetings profits are devoted to current activities, research and travel, awards, and initiatives of interest to members.


EAACI was founded in 1956 in Florence, its Constitution and By-Laws were registered in Utrecht in 1957. Since then, it has grown to become the largest medical association in Europe in the field of allergy and clinical immunology.

The Annual Congress[edit]

This is the flagship meeting of the academy and the world’s largest congress specializing in the field of allergy and clinical immunology*. A wide range of sessions, including interactive formats, provide optimal learning for all tastes. Attracting in the region of 7000-8000 participants and experts from across the globe, the congress is a key annual event to interact with peers, leading scientists and practitioners over five days.

(*based on 2017 delegate attendance)

Focused Meetings[edit]

These mid-size events address particular key areas in the field of allergy, and provide knowledge sharing and training using various session formats, attracting delegates and speakers from around the world. Due to the attendee size of between 250 -1500 participants, depending on the topic area, these meetings also provide an excellent platform for networking with peers over a three day period.

Allergy Schools[edit]

These training courses focus on a specific topic within allergy and are built to offer a solid foundation in this area. They are therefore attractive to experienced individuals who are new to the particular field, for fellows in training and EAACI Junior Members, as well as professionals with a particular interest in the chosen topic. Limited group sizes of around 120 international participants enable great dialogue throughout the typically three day courses.

EAACI Resources[edit]

EAACI makes available to all members multiple resources namely: journals (Allergy, PAI and CTA), books, bibliographic updates, position papers, newsletter, guidelines and an open access EAACI media library.

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