European Respiratory Society

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European Respiratory Society
Abbreviation ERS
Formation 1990
Headquarters Lausanne (Switzerland)
Mina Gaga (until September 2018)then Tobias Welte

The European Respiratory Society, or ERS, is a non-profit organization with offices in Lausanne, Brussels and Sheffield. It was founded in 1990 in the field of respiratory medicine. The organization was formed with the merger of the Societas Europaea Physiologiae Clinicae Respoiratoriae (founded in 1966) and the European Society of Pneumology (founded 1981). The organization's membership is made up of medical professionals and scientists working in the area of respiratory medicine.[1]


The ERS publishes academic journals and monograph as well as hosting events aimed at educating health professionals, including a large annual congress. The organization's stated goal is to "alleviate suffering from respiratory disease and promote lung health through research, sharing of knowledge and through medical and public education."


The ERS publishes a range of journals, books and one-off projects.

  • The European Respiratory Journal is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal, indexed in Medline. Its Impact Factor is 7.125. The chief editor is Marc Humbert.
  • The European Respiratory Review is published quarterly and focuses on state-of-the-art reviews, updates, editorials and correspondence on current topical issues in respiratory medicine, science and surgery. Its chief editor is Vincent Cottin.
  • Breathe is a clinically focused educational journal, also published quarterly. Its chief editor is Renata L. Riha.
  • The ERS Monograph is a quarterly book series. Each book, guest edited by leaders in the field, focuses on a particular area of respiratory medicine and explores it in depth. The series editor is Robert Bals.
  • The ERS Handbooks are a series of textbooks that aim to cover a broad area of respiratory medicine in a concise yet comprehensive way. Available titles cover adult respiratory medicine, paediatric respiratory medicine and respiratory sleep medicine, and there a self-assessment book is available. The Handbooks tie in with the ERS HERMES projects to harmonise respiratory medical education across Europe.
  • The ERS Buyers' Guide to Respiratory Care Products is published annually and contains respiratory equipment-focused review articles.

In addition to these publications, the ERS publishes the European Lung White Book - a survey of the impact of respiratory disease across Europe, and has published the one-off booklets Air Quality and Health and the European Respiratory Roadmap as well as the European COPD Audit Report and a report on global respiratory health, published on behalf of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies.

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