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Euthydemia or Euthymedeia was the ancient city of Sagala belonging to the Bactrian Dynasty, now located in modern-day Sialkot, Pakistan.[1] The British classical scholar William Woodthorpe Tarn, suggested that "Euthydemia" was never assigned as a new name for ancient Sagala, and that the name was actually Euthymedeia. The altered name was suggested to have been a 1738 alteration made by historian T Beyer.[2] The city was mentioned by Ptolemy in his 1st century BCE work, Geography.[3][1]

In the 2nd century BCE, Euthydemia also known as Sagala,[4] was made the capital of the Indo-Greek kingdom by the buddhist King Milinda, as recorded in the Buddhist text Milinda Panha.[5]


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