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Eva Greenslit Anderson was a Washington educator, author, and politician who lived from 1889-1972. Born in Surprise, Nebraska, she married and moved to Chelan, Washington, where she worked as an author, educator and legislator.[1] She served as Washington State Supervisor of Adult Education in 1934. She received a PhD from the University of Washington in 1937 and was named Washington's woman of achievement in 1949.[2] As a politician, Anderson sat in the Washington House of Representatives from 1948 to 1960 as a Republican representative of the 12th district which included Chelan county.[3]

After becoming interested in the history of the Pacific north west region, she published a number of books on local history. Her book Chief Seattle was rated one of the 10 best on native Americans by the U.S. Department of the Interior.[3] Her papers, photos, speeches, newspaper clippings and more are archived at the Central Washington University Archives in Ellensburg, Washington.


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