Evansville River Rats

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River Rat
Evansville, Indiana
  • B League (1914–1915)
  • B League (1903–1910)
  • B League (1901–1902)
Minor league affiliations
League Central League (1914–1915)
Previous leagues
Minor league titles
League titles 1915 (Central League), 1908 (Central League)
Team data
Previous parks
Bosse Field (1914–1915)

The Evansville River Rats were a professional minor league baseball team based in Evansville, Indiana. They played from 1901 to 1902 in the Illinois–Indiana–Iowa League (the "Three-I" League) and from 1903 to 1910 and 1914 to 1915 in the Central League. They played home games at Bosse Field, which is currently the third oldest baseball stadium in regular use in the United States.