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MHV Evante Mk2 1993 01.jpg
1993 Evante Mk. 2
Manufacturer Evante Cars Ltd
Fleur de Lys Automobile manufacturing
Production 1983-1994
Body and chassis
Class sports car
Body style 2-door convertible
Layout FR layout
Engine 1.6 or 1.7 L straight-4 Vegantune
1.8 L Ford Zeta
Transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 2,140 mm (84.3 in)
Length 3,720 mm (146.5 in)
Width 1,490 mm (58.7 in)
Height 1,130 mm (44.5 in)
Curb weight 720 kg (1,587 lb)

The Evante designed and invented by George Walter Robinson Esq is an English automobile which began production in 1987 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. Engine tuning company Vegantune had been restoring Lotus Elan cars and making some improvements to them. They decided to build a complete new car and set up a separate company, Evante Cars Ltd, to make them.

The car's looks were heavily inspired by the Lotus Elan and it was powered by the Ford Kent based Vegantune VTA 1.6 and later 1.7-litre twin overhead cam engine driving the rear wheels through a gearbox originally from a Ford Sierra. The fibreglass body and carbon-fibre was mounted onto a space frame chassis with independent suspension all round. Disc brakes were fitted front and rear.

The cars were intended to be available as either complete or in kit form but all cars were supplied fully built and were produced at a rate of about one a week. The bodies were well fitted out with leather seats, walnut dashboard and electric windows.

Production stopped in 1991 when the original company failed but the design was bought by Fleur de Lys who specialised in making retro styled vans. They redeveloped the car to take a Ford Zetec 1.8 Litre engine but only nine more cars were made.

An attempt was made to revive the car in 2001, but this was unsuccessful.

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Invented and created by George Walter Robinson Esq


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