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Eve (이브)
Origin South Korea
Genres Glam rock
Years active 1997–present
Labels Sony BMG
EMI Music Korea
Platinum Music Korea
World Music Records, Korea
I.K.POP/World Music
Yedang Records
WoongJin Music
Website Eve Official Site (Korean)
Members 김세헌 (Kim Seheon)
고릴라 (G.Gorilla)
박웅 (Park Woong)
김건 (Kim Gun)
Past members 정유화 (Jung U. Hwa)
최민창 (Choi Min Chang)
하세빈 (Ha Sebin)
김승주 (Kim Seungjoo)
최기호 (Choi Kiho)

이브, or Eve, is a Korean rock band. It is noted as one of the first native Korean rock bands to command the visual rock/glam style and is still active today, having seen several member [with the exception of vocalist Seheon] and tone changes as it always has been considered a project band.


Formation and rise[edit]

Eve was founded by Kim Seheon on Christmas Eve of 1997, from which the name is derived. With Seheon as main vocals and G.Gorilla as Eve's secondary vocalist/composer, together they released their aptly titled first album, "Eve", in August 1998 with which their debut title song, "Whenever You Feel" had caused a major sensation with its upbeat, punk sound. Eve's popularity would rise into May 1999 with a second album, "Eros", when guitarist Park Woong and bassist Kim Gun would also be credited to the band. They would become official members a year later, in April 2000, when "Fly To You", Eve's third album, would be released. Eve would reach the peak of their popularity in April 2001 when their fourth album, "Swear" came out and seized the public with its balanced assortment of romantic ballads in addition to Eve’s usual rock songs.[1]

Eve as Seheon Solo[edit]

From then on, the band would change dramatically with the leave of all members but Seheon due to musical differences. Despite acting solo, however, he released a fifth album, "Ever" under Eve's name on November 2002. Its songs are distinct from those of past Eve albums as it is without Eve's harder elements from before, instead expressing a range of mellow to heartrending tracks such as "Leaning On Time". By April 2003, two variations of Eve's Greatest Hits would make it to shelves before another major change took place in Eve’s lifetime.

Reformation and Planet Eve[edit]

In October 2003, regained a lineup of new members and a new sound to boot. Guitarists Jung Yuhwa and Ha Sebin would debut with Kim Seungjoo on bass and Choi Minchang on keyboard. Together with Seheon, they not only added a significantly darker metal influence to their newly released sixth album, "Welcome to Planet Eve", but augmented their outer visualesque styling to match as well. Due to the immense attention Eve received post reviving the band, Eve created their first DVD, "The History of Eve" featuring live performances taken place in Seoul in 2004 simultaneously with a live album of the same name.

Second Reformation[edit]

Following a two-year hiatus, Eve again reorganized its members, leaving Seheon and Sebin as Eve's prevalent figures in May 2006, when Eve made it to their seventh album, "Seventh Evening", featuring a remake of "Whenever You Feel" to commemorate Eve’s long history. A third reformation occurred not long afterward when in September 2007, Sebin would be replaced by Choi Kiho as Eve’s guitarist, and Eve's first female member, Ikki, assumed the role of bassist. The trio unleashed "Play Me", the eighth album, bringing back a punk edge of their own unique making to Eve. The lineup, however, would not last long, and again Seheon would be the only official member left to command Eve [with Seungjoo and Yuhwa from the Planet Eve era occasionally supporting him during live performances].[2]

It should also be noted that between 2007 until now, Eve released a couple singles. The first, "Guy In Revolution", released in March 2010, followed up by the second, "Gloria", in November of the same year.

Activities in Japan with DuelJewel[edit]

"Fusion", a collaboration album featuring Seheon and Japanese rock group DuelJewel was released in Japan on September 19, 2012. It features remastered hits from both artists in Korean and Japanese as well as new material.[3] Furthermore, Seheon and DuelJewel will hold their "Effusion" live concert over the course of three days on September 27 in Nagoya, September 29 in Shinsaibashi of Osaka, and October third in Shibuya, respectively.[4]

Seheon and The Hy$terics[edit]

As of June 2013, EVE frontman Seheon has been involved with The Hy$terics, an LA/Glam metal band. The lineup also consists of former EVE guitarist Jung Yuhwa plus members Lee "Nick" Yohan, Lokur and Kang Daehui.[5]

Revival and Melody[edit]

After a long hiatus, EVE returned to activity in 2016 with the original four man lineup of Seheon, G.Gorilla, Park Woong and Kim Gun and officially released the music video of their new title song, "Melody" (feat. Heechul) on Christmas Eve- a nod to the band's debut on Christmas Eve in 1997.


  • Kim Seheon – Vocals (1997–present)
  • G.Gorilla – Backing vocals, keyboard, (1998–present)
  • Park Woong - Guitar (1999–present)
  • Kim Gun – Bass (1999–present)
  • Ha Sebin – Guitar (2003-2006)
  • Jung Yuhwa – Guitar (2003-present)
  • Kim Seungjoo - Bass (2003-2004)
  • Choi Minchang - Keyboard (2003-2004)
  • Choi Kiho - Guitar (2007-2008)
  • Ikki - Bass (2007-2008)


Studio albums
  • Eve (1998)
  • Eros (1999)
  • Fly to You (2000)
  • Swear (2001)
  • EveR (2002)
  • Welcome to Planet Eve (2003)
  • Memoir For Your Everything (Eve best of album) (2003)
  • The History of Eve: Live in Seoul (2004)
  • Seventh EVEning (2006)
  • Play Me (Eve album)|Play Me (2007)
  • Melody (2017)
  • Guy In Revolution (2010)
  • Gloria (2010)
Joint Projects
  • Eve Christmas Carols B.E.S.T (1998)
  • Maria Vol. 3- Mariani (Phantom of the Opera) (2006)
  • Fusion (with DuelJewel) (2012)
  • The History of Eve: Live in Seoul (2004)


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