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Every Day with Jesus is a Christian daily devotional publication. It has a global circulation of approximately a million readers.[1]

Christian minister Selwyn Hughes started writing the publication in the 1960s, first as a devotional aid for his congregation, and subsequently as a regular periodical published by the Crusade for World Revival (CWR), a Christian training and publishing organisation that he founded.[1] Since Hughes's death in January 2006, CWR has continued to publish it regularly using materials gathered from his writings over the last 40 years, in accordance with his wishes.[citation needed]

The format of the publication is a small booklet about 12 cm x 17 cm, with one page per day. Each day has its own theme: the page suggests a short Bible reading, gives a devotional explanation (about 300 words), makes suggestions for further Bible readings on the same subject, and includes a short prayer.


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