Everyone in Silico

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Everyone in Silico
Everyone in Silico (book cover).jpg
Author Jim Munroe
Genre Post-cyberpunk
Publisher No Media Kings
Publication date
Pages 256 pp.
ISBN 978-1568582405

Everyone in Silico is a 2002 post-cyberpunk novel written by Jim Munroe. It was promoted partly by Munroe's attempt to invoice corporations mentioned in the novel for product placement. The title is an intentional reference to an advertising campaign previously run by clothing retailer Gap, one of the companies Munroe sent invoices to.[1]

The novel was published by Munroe's own publishing company, No Media Kings, and an e-book version is available under a Creative Commons license.

Plot introduction[edit]

The story is set in Vancouver, 2036.

San Francisco was struck by an earthquake and a company called Self, which is somehow related to Microsoft, set up an AI system to replace the city, with a virtual environment called Frisco.

The story follows several people, both in Vancouver as well as in Frisco.

Critical reception[edit]

Reactions to Everyone in Silico were generally positive, with reviews comparing the work favourably to those of Bruce Sterling, Douglas Coupland and Philip K. Dick.[2][3] Other reviewers were impressed with the humour[1] and the level of detail presented of life in the novel's futuristic world, although some comment that the complexity of the plot made for a confusing read.[4]


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