Everything. Now!

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Everything. Now!
Studio album by Pelle Carlberg
Released November 2, 2005
Genre Indie pop, Acoustic
Label Twentyseven Records
Pelle Carlberg chronology
Everything. Now!
In a Nutshell
Pelle Carlberg

Everything. Now! is the debut album by Swedish singer Pelle Carlberg.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Musikbyrån Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack"
  2. "Bastards Don't Blush"
  3. "Telemarketing"
  4. "A Tasteless Offer"
  5. "Go to Hell, Miss Rydell"
  6. "Riverbank"
  7. "Oh No! It's Happening Again"
  8. "How I Broke My Foot and Met Jesus"
  9. "Summer of ´69"
  10. "I Had a Guitar (Bjärton and I)"
  11. "Mind the Gap"