Everything Under the Sun

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Everything Under the Sun
Box set by Sublime
Released November 14, 2006
Recorded 1988-1996
Genre Ska-punk
Length 3:07:08 (without DVD)
Label Geffen
Producer Sublime
Sublime chronology
Everything Under the Sun
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Everything Under the Sun is a box set of rarities from the band Sublime. It is composed in large part of tracks that can be found on previously released bootleg albums.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Roots of Creation" (Demo)
  2. "Ebin" (O.G. Demo)
  3. "Ball and Chain" (Demo)
  4. "Date Rape" Stylee (Demo)
  5. "Perfect World" (Live in Studio)
  6. "Johnny Too Bad Freestyle" (Live in Studio) (The Slickers cover)
  7. "Smoke Two Joints" (Live in Studio) (The Toyes cover)
  8. "I'm Not a Loser" (Live in Studio) (The Descendents cover)
  9. "91 Freestyle" (Live)
  10. "KXLU Interview" (Live on-Air)
  11. "DJ's" (Nowell)
  12. "Shame in Dem Game" (feat. H.R.) (Live)
  13. "Get Out!" (Acoustic)
  14. "Angelo" (4-Track)
  15. "Mic Control" (4-Track)
  16. "Farther I Go" (Studio) (Mudhoney cover)
  17. "One Cup of Coffee / Judge Not" (Studio) (Bob Marley covers)
  18. "Lou Makes Friends" (Live in Studio)
  19. "Greatest Hits" (Live in Studio)
  20. "Voodoo Part 2" (Original Demo)

Disc 2

  1. "Youth Are Getting Restless" (Live on KUCI Radio) (Bad Brains cover)
  2. "Scarlet Begonias" (Live on KUCI Radio) (Grateful Dead cover)
  3. "Right Back" (Live)
  4. "New Thrash" (Live)
  5. "Jailhouse" (Live) (Bob Marley cover)
  6. "Pawn Dub" (Live)
  7. "STP" (Live)
  8. "Badfish" (Live)
  9. "House of Suffering" (Live) (Bad Brains cover)
  10. "We're Only Gonna Die" (Live) (Bad Religion cover)
  11. "Great Stone" (Live)
  12. "WBCN Interview 1" (Live on Radio)
  13. "Saw Red" (Live on Radio)
  14. "WBCN Interview 2/Minor Threat" (Live on Radio) (Minor Threat cover)
  15. "Legalize It (Dave Aron Mix)" (Alternate Mix) (Peter Tosh cover)
  16. "5446" (Live) (Toots & the Maytals cover)
  17. "All You Need (Ashworth Mix)" (Live)
  18. "Foreman Freestyle" (Live in Studio)
  19. "Prophet" (Demo) (Slightly Stoopid cover)
  20. "Miami" (Original Demo)

Disc 3

  1. "Marley Medley (Studio Outtake)" (Bob Marley covers)
  2. "Paddle Out (Ruff Mix)" (Alternate Mix)
  3. "Caress Me Dub (Outtake)"
  4. "Foolish Fool (Unreleased Demo)" (Dee Dee Warwick cover)
  5. "Westwood One Interview" (Live on Radio)
  6. "89 Vision" (Unreleased Studio)
  7. "Sweet Little Rosie (Studio Outtake)" (contains lyrics from Willi Williams' "Armagideon Time")
  8. "Garden Grove (Take 2)" (Original Demo)
  9. "Just Another Day (Studio Outtake)" (Falling Idols cover)
  10. "Prince of Sin (Studio Outtake)" (Falling Idols cover)
  11. "I Love My Dog Dub (Studio Outtake)" (Bad Brains cover)
  12. "At It Again" (Nowell)
  13. "Wrong Way" (Acoustic)
  14. "New Realization" (Acoustic)
  15. "Boss DJ" (Alternative Version)
  16. "Real Situation" (Acoustic) (Bob Marley cover)
  17. "Date Rape" (Live)
  18. "Soundcheck Jam" (Live)
  19. "Doin' Time - Snoop Time Remix" (Snoop Dogg Remix)
  20. "Doin' Time - Tricked Out Life Sentence Remix" (DJ Spooky Remix)


  1. "Don't Push" (Live at House of Blues in West Hollywood - 4/5/1996)
  2. "Garden Grove" (Live at House of Blues in West Hollywood - 4/5/1996)
  3. "Right Back" (Live at House of Blues in West Hollywood - 4/5/1996)
  4. "New Thrash" (Live at House of Blues in West Hollywood - 4/5/1996)
  5. "Same In the End" (Video)
  6. "Caress Me Down" (Live at The Palace in Hollywood - 10/21/1995 )
  7. "Real Situation" (Video)
  8. "Atlanta Interview" (Warped Tour 6/17/1995 by MTV)
  9. "Seed" (Video)
  10. "Saw Red", feat. Gwen Stefani (Live at KROQ Weenie Roast 6/17/1995)
  11. "Miami" (Video)
  12. "Hong Kong Phooey" (Video)
  13. "All You Need Video" (Video)
  14. "Mary" (Acoustic Live in Anaheim 2/2/1995)
  15. "Badfish" (Video)
  16. "Date Rape" (Video)
  17. "STP Video" (Video)
  18. "Ebin" (Live at The Lab in Costa Mesa 2/27/1994)
  19. "Leaving Babylon" (Live in Costa Rica April 1993)
  20. "Don't Push" (Live backyard Party 4/20/1990)
  • Page 1 of the Chapters menu features a performance of "Slow Ride" in the background, page 2 features footage from one camera from the video of "Date Rape."