Evil Ambitions

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Evil Ambitions
DVD cover
Directed by Mark Burchett
Michael D. Fox
Produced by Mark Burchett
Written by Mark Burchett
Michael D. Fox
Starring Paul Morris
Amber Newman
David Levy
Lucy Frashure
Renae Raos
Debbie Rochon
S. William Hinzman
Music by Denise Roland
Cinematography Jeff Barklage
Edited by Michael D. Fox
Release date
  • 1996 (1996) (U.S.)
Language English

Evil Ambitions (also known as Satanic Yuppies) is a 1996 horror film directed by Mark Burchett. The film stars Paul Morris, Amber Newman, David Levy, Lucy Frashure, Renae Raos, Debbie Rochon and S. William Hinzman. The plot revolves around a public relations firm that is secretly a front for Devil worship. Young female models are kidnapped and sacrificed to Satan.

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