Evil Invaders

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Evil Invaders
Evil invaders.jpg
Studio album by Razor
Released October 1985
Recorded Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada Summer 85
Genre Speed metal
Thrash metal
Length 38:15
Label Unidisc
Producer Walter "Sarge" Zwol
Razor chronology
Executioner's Song
(1985)Executioner's Song1985
Evil Invaders
Malicious Intent
(1986)Malicious Intent1986

Evil Invaders is the second album released in 1985 by Canadian speed/thrash metal band Razor. The album's art, depicting an evil cyborg of living tissue under a metal endoskeleton, is reminiscent of the title character from the science fiction action film The Terminator, released one year prior.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Nowhere Fast (instrumental)" 4:26
2. "Cross Me Fool" 3:13
3. "Legacy of Doom" 3:22
4. "Evil Invaders" 3:49
5. "Iron Hammer" 3:38
6. "Instant Deathr" 2:57
7. "Cut Throat" 4:11
8. "Speed Merchants" 3:45
9. "Tortured Skull" 5:35
10. "Time Bomb»" 3:46
11. "Thrashdance" 3:19


  • Stace McLaren - Vocals
  • Dave Carlo - Guitars
  • Mike Campagnolo - Bass
  • Mike Embro - Drums