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"Live a Lie" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Lived a Lie.
This article is about the metal song. For the song by American hard rock band Letters from the Fire, see Worth the Pain.
Evilized - Dream Evil.jpg
Studio album by Dream Evil
Released July 27 2003
Genre Heavy metal, power metal
Length 47:13
Label Century Media
Producer Fredrik Nordström and Dream Evil
Dream Evil chronology
Children of the Night
(EP, 2003)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Evilized is the second full length album by the Swedish heavy metal band Dream Evil.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Break the Chains" Gus G Gus G 3:32
2. "By My Side" Fredrik Nordström, Gus G Nordström, Gus G 3:38
3. "Fight You 'Till the End" Peter Stålfors, Niklas Isfeldt Stålfors, Isfeldt 3:53
4. "Evilized" Stålfors, Isfeldt, Nordström Stålfors, Isfeldt 4:43
5. "Invisible" Snowy Shaw Shaw 2:53
6. "Bad Dreams" Shaw Shaw 3:10
7. "Forevermore" Shaw Nordström 5:08
8. "Children of the Night" Dream Evil Gus G, Nordström, Shaw 4:45
9. "Live a Lie" Stålfors, Isfeldt Stålfors, Isfeldt 3:26
10. "Fear the Night" Gus G, Isfeldt, Stålfors Gus G, Isfeldt, Stålfors 3:47
11. "Made of Metal" Nordström, Gus G, Shaw Nordström, Gus G, Shaw 3:55
12. "The End" Shaw Shaw 4:23
Total length: 47:13

Note: "Let's Make Rock" does not appear for the U.S. version of Evilized but appears as Track 6 on the U.S. version of 2004's "The Book of Heavy Metal"


  • "Forevermore" is about eternal love.
  • "The End" is about changes and what matters in the end.
  • "Sarah Sheena Shaw" guest vocals on Made Of Metal


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