Executive of the 2nd Northern Ireland Assembly

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Direct Rule (2002-2007)
Executive of the 2nd Northern Ireland Assembly
Date formed 14 October 2002
Date dissolved 8 May 2007
(under the St Andrews Agreement)
People and organisations
Head of state Elizabeth II
Head of government Secretary of State
John Reid (Oct 2002)
Paul Murphy (Oct 2002 - May 2005)
Peter Hain (May 2005 - Jun 2007)
Shaun Woodward (Jun - May 2007)
Deputy head of government None
No. of ministers None
Member party None
Status in legislature Direct Rule
Election(s) 2003 assembly election
Legislature term(s) 2nd Assembly (never convened)
Predecessor 1st Executive of Northern Ireland
Successor 2nd Executive of Northern Ireland

Following the suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2002 a new election was called in November 2003 in hope of restoring devolution, the election saw the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin emerge as the largest parties in the Assembly. The DUP refused to go into government with Sinn Féin meaning that direct rule would stay in place for another 5 years.

Executive Committee[edit]

Office Name Term
First Minister Vacant 2002–07
Deputy First Minister Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Education Vacant 2002–07
Minister for Employment and Learning Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Vacant 2002–07
Minister of the Environment Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Finance and Personnel Vacant 2002–07
Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Vacant 2002–07
Minister for Regional Development Vacant 2002–07
Minister for Social Development Vacant 2002–07

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