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Exhaust is a trio from Montreal featuring bass, drums, tape and bass clarinet, that started in the mid-90s. The members are Aidan Girt (drums), Gordon Krieger (bass/ bass clarinet) and Mike Zabitsky (tape loops). Their first release was the limited release cassette 230596. Their debut LP (later reissued on CD) was one of the first releases on the then-fledgling Constellation Records label.[1] A second album, Enregistreur, was released in 2002. A third album Grenadilla Splinters was released December 2011.[2]


  • 230596 7" cassette (self-release; 1996)
  • Exhaust LP (Constellation Records; 1998)
  • Exhaust CD (Constellation Records; 2000)
  • Enregistreur CD/LP (Constellation Records; 2002)
  • Grenadilla Splinters (online release only, 2011)
  • "Metro Mile End" on Music Until Now (Constellation Records; 2002)
  • "Ice Storm" on Afterhours No. 18: A Child Will Imitate His Parents (Afterhours magazine, 2003)
  • "Wool Fever Dub" on Song of the Silent Land, (Constellation Records, 2004)

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