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EXMAR Ship Management evolved in 1991 from the shipping activities of the CMB group, Compagnie Maritime Belge, established in 1895 as a diversified shipping group with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. When the CMB shareholders decided on the de-merger of the company by spinning off its Gas Transport Business into a new Belgian listed public limited liability company, EXMAR Shipmanagement NV became a 100% affiliate of Exmar NV.


The ship management company of the EXMAR Group offers high end ship management services to the maritime industry. These services include:

  • Crewing services: ESM employs 387 Senior Officers, 598 Junior Officers, 700 A/B seamen and 127 Offshore employees to operate LNG and LNGRV carriers, LPG carriers, Floating Storage and Regasification Units, Floating Liquefaction Units and Offshore Accommodation Barges. Company activities include :
  • Technical Superintendence & HSEQ management
  • Technical, marine & IT consultancy services:
    • Pre-purchase inspections, building supervision & commissioning of vessels under construction
    • HSEQ management: implementation, maintenance, training and audits
    • Port Facility Security management: assessment of security threats, security plans, training & drills, audits
    • IT: implementation of on board planned maintenance systems.

EXMAR Ship Management specialises in managing the following vessel/barge types :

  • VLGC LPG carriers
  • Midsize LPG carriers
  • LNG and LNGRV carriers
  • Fully pressurized LPG carriers
  • Semi-pressurized Gas carriers
  • Floating Storage & Regasification Units
  • Offshore units (FPSOs, accommodation barges)
  • Floating Liquefaction Units


EXMAR Ship Management has been involved in the management of LNG and LPG vessels since the early 1980s, as the primary ship manager of EXMAR NV, as well as other owners such as Avance. Exmar NV is supervising an LPG carrier new building programme and a refit of its LNG fleet to accommodate Regas operations on a number of its LNG Gas Carriers. EXMAR Ship Management Superintendents are typically former serving Officers who manage vessels from NB spec review to full operations. Similarly, the experience gained in assisting the owner during pre-delivery and the first months of operation (first outfit, guarantee items, etc.) are utilised for the subsequent technical superintendence of the vessel. The company's Marine Department manages all aspects of vessel conformance with the relevant ISO, OHSAS and TMSA standards. Training programs have been set up with the Antwerp Maritime Academy and other Institutes for in-depth training with the STCW and ARPA, BRM, GMDSS and full mission Bridge simulators.

LNG cargo[edit]

The LNG fleet managed by EXMAR Ship Management is as follows:

Vessel Capacity m³ Year built Yard Owner Type Ship-Managed since
EXCELERATE 138.000 2006 DSME EXMAR/Excelerate Energy LNGRV 20/10/2006
EXCELLENCE 138.000 2005 DSME Maya Maritime LNGRV 05/04/2005
EXPERIENCE 174.400 2014 DSME G Kaiser LNGRV 05/04/2005
EXCELSIOR 138.000 2005 DSME EXMAR/TK LNG Partners LNGRV 14/01/2005
EXCEL 138.000 2003 DSME EXMAR/MOL LNGC 26/09/2003
EXCALIBUR 138.000 2002 DSME EXMAR/TK LNG Partners LNGC 01/10/2002
METHANIA 131.000 1978 Boelwerf Distrigas LNG Shipping LNGC 01/01/1978
EXPLORER 150.900 2008 DSME EXMAR/Excelerate Energy LNGRV 01/01/2008
EXPRESS 150.900 2009 DSME EXMAR/Excelerate Energy LNGRV 11/05/2009
EXEMPLAR 150.900 2010 DSME Excelerate Energy LNGRV 30/09/2010
EXPEDIENT 150.900 2010 DSME Excelerate Energy LNGRV 02/04/2010
EXQUISITE 150.900 2009 DSME Excelerate Energy LNGRV 30/10/2009
LNG LERICI 65.000 2009 Sestri Cantieri Navali LNG Shipping LNGRC 03/10/2012
LNG Portovenere 65.000 2009 Sestri Cantieri Navali LNG Shipping LNGRV 04/10/2012


The FRSU Toscana is co-managed and operated by EXMAR Ship Managagement and Fratelli Cosulich through the joint venture EXMAR Cosulich Offshore Services

Vessel Capacity m³ Year Built Yard Owner Type Operated since
FSRU Toscana 79.984 2012 Drydocks World OLT FSRU 01/02/2012

LPG/NH3 cargo[edit]

EXMAR Ship Management currently manages and operates the following VLGC’s, midsize, semi-refrigerated and fully pressurised gas carriers :

Vessel Capacity m³ Year built Yard Owner Type Operated since
ANGELA 3.540 2009 Yamanishi Fertility Devpt Co Ltd/Wah Kwong Pressurised 20/10/2006
AVANCE 83.000 2002 Kawasaki HI Avance Gas VLGC 05/04/2005
BASTOGNE 35.229 2002 Hyundai HI Exmar/Teekay Midsize 21/09/2011
BRUGGE VENTURE 35.418 1997 Mitsubishi HI EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 21/04/2013
BRUSSELS 35.454 1997 Mitsubishi HI EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 04/05/2005
COURCHEVILLE 28.006 1989 Boelwerf EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 01/08/1996
ELISABETH 3.452 2009 Yamanishi Laurel Carriers Inc/Wah Kwong Pressurised 15/10/2012
EUPEN 38.961 1999 Mitsubishi HI EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 14/12/2002
JOAN 3.540 2007 Yamanishi Universal Crown Ltd/Wah Kwong Pressurised 06/07/2009
LIBRAMONT 38.445 2006 DSME EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 16/05/2006
MAGDALENA 3.541 2008 Yamanishi Hallsworth Marine/Wah Kwong Pressurised 09/05/2012
MARIANNE 3.539 2008 Yamanishi Croxford Ltd/Wah Kwong Pressurised 09/09/2009
TEMSE 12.030 1995 Boelwerf EXMAR/Teekay Semi-refrigerated 01/09/1995
TOURAINE 39.270 1996 Hitachi Zosen EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 12/05/2003
WAASMUNSTER 38.115 2013 Hyundai Mipo EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 01/04/2014
WAREGEM 38.115 2014 Hyundai Mipo EXMAR Midsize 25/09/2014
WARINSART 38.115 2013 Hyundai Mipo EXMAR/Teekay Midsize 06/06/2014


EXMAR Ship Management is responsible for the technical operations of the following four offshore units:

  • Farwah: 35,000 bbl/d (5,600 m3/d), 900,000 bbl (140,000 m3) storage FPSO
  • Kissama: Offshore service non-propelled accommodation barge for 220 people
  • Nunce: Offshore service non-propelled accommodation barge for 350/450 people
  • Otto 5: Offshore service non-propelled accommodation barge for 300 people

In addition to servicing owned tonnage, Exmar (Exmar Offshore Services) provides operational support to third party FPSO projects in West & North Africa and Italy.


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