Eyakub Ali Chowdhury

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Eyakub Ali Chowdhury
Born 1888 (1888)
Faridpur District
Bengal Presidency
(now Bangladesh)
Died 1940 (aged 51–52)
Occupation Essayist

Eyakub Ali Chowdhury (1888–1940), was a Bengali essayist.


Chowdhury was born in Faridpur District in 1888, when it was part of the Bengal Presidency.

Most of Chowdhury's essays were based on Islam, Islamic culture, and Islamic teachings. His uncommon view did not hurt people of other religions.

His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.

He studied in Pangsha Pilot Girl's High School and there is an Institution in Pangsha named Yakub Ali Chowdhuri Biddapith

Essay collections[edit]

  • Manob Mukut [Book on the life of Muhammad (Sm)’s life and teachings]
  • Nur Nabi [Book on the life of Muhammad (Sm) for children]
  • Shanti Dhara [Book on ‘religious’ works of Muslims, which are not found in Islam]
  • Dhormer Kahini


  • Golpo Songroho (Collected Stories), the national textbook of B.A. (pass and subsidiary) course of Bangladesh, published by University of Dhaka in 1979 (reprint in 1986).
  • Bangla Sahitya (Bengali Literature), the national textbook of intermediate (college) level of Bangladesh published in 1996 by all educational boards.