Eye of the Gorgon

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03 – Eye of the Gorgon
The Sarah Jane Adventures story
Eye of the Gorgon.png
The Gorgon turning Maria's father, Alan, to stone
Directed by Alice Troughton
Written by Phil Ford
Script editor Lindsey Alford
Produced by Matthew Bouch
Executive producer(s) Phil Collinson
Russell T Davies
Julie Gardner
Production code 1.3 and 1.4
Series Series 1
Length 2 episodes, 25 minutes each
Originally broadcast 1 & 8 October 2007
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Revenge of the Slitheen Warriors of Kudlak
List of The Sarah Jane Adventures serials

Eye of the Gorgon is the third story of the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures. It forms the third and fourth episodes of the show's first series. The first episode was broadcast on the CBBC channel on 1 October 2007, with the second being broadcast on 8 October.


Part 1[edit]

Sarah Jane and her companions investigate claims of sightings of a ghostly nun at Lavender Lawns, the local nursing home. Meanwhile, Chrissie Jackson moves into her ex-husband's house, but succeeds only in causing further problems with the family. Back at Lavender Lawns, an old lady gives Luke an ancient talisman, which is really the key to a portal in space and time. They find that a group of nuns are hiding an age-old creature, the Gorgon. When Sarah Jane refuses to give the talisman to the nuns, they kidnap Luke and Clyde and take the Gorgon and Maria to Sarah Jane's house where the Gorgon turns Maria's father to stone.

Part 2[edit]

Having got what they came for, the nuns and Gorgon leave. Luke and Clyde escape from their entrapment via a secret passage. Mr Smith tells Maria and Sarah Jane that Alan is retrievable until 16:00. Luke and Clyde see the Gorgon stumble, but are unable to prevent the talisman beginning the process of joining the Gorgon Homeworld with Earth. The Gorgon - a parasite inside the Abbess - chooses Sarah Jane as its next host. Chatting with Bea reveals to Maria that the talisman can revert those turned to stone. Clyde distracts the nuns long enough that Luke grabs the talisman, disconnecting the portal. However, Sarah Jane and both boys are recaptured and locked in another room, though Sarah Jane is soon taken and tied next to the portal. Luke and Clyde escape again. The Gorgon plots to transfer itself and have Sarah Jane as its new host. The nuns blindfold Sarah Jane to prevent her from turning to stone and the Gorgon begins the transfer but Maria arrives and uses a mirror to revert the transfer and turn the Gorgon - and Abbess - to stone, freeing the nuns of mind-control. Maria disconnects the talisman and the portal shuts down forever. The talisman brings Alan back to flesh-and-blood and Chrissie leaves, reuniting with Ivan.


Outside references[edit]


Eye of the Gorgon
Author Phil Ford
Series The Sarah Jane Adventures #3
Published 1 November 2007
Penguin Books
Pages 128
ISBN 1405903996
Preceded by Revenge of the Slitheen
Followed by Warriors of Kudlak

This was the third of eleven Sarah Jane Adventures serials to be adapted as a novel. Written by Phil Ford, the book was first published in Paperback on 1 November 2007.[1]


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