Eye on the Horizon

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Eye on the Horizon
Eye on the Horizon.jpg
Studio album by Dreadzone
Released 26 April 2010
Genre Electronica
Label Dubwiser
Producer Greg Dread
Dreadzone chronology
Once Upon a Time
Eye on the Horizon

Eye on the Horizon is the sixth studio album by the British band Dreadzone. It was released on 26 April 2010 through Dubwiser records.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Spencer Graham, Greg Roberts and Earl Daley

  1. "Tomorrow Never Comes"
  2. "For A Reason"
  3. "Changes"
  4. "American Dread"
  5. "Beyond A Rock"
  6. "Gangster"
  7. "Yeah Man"
  8. "My Face"
  9. "Walk Tall"
  10. "Just Let Go"


  • MC Spee (Spencer Graham) - vocals
  • Earl 16 - vocals
  • Greg Dread - drum programming, keyboards, producer, electronics
  • Leo Williams - bass guitar
  • Chris Compton - guitar
  • Chris Oldfield - electronics (Apple Mac), effects


  • Marlon Roberts - keyboards
  • Tim Bran - additional keyboards
  • Steve Roberts - guitar on "American Dread"
  • Marcina Arnold - vocals on "Changes" and "Just Let Go"
  • Sweetie Irie (Dean Bent) - vocals on "Yeah Man"