Ezekiel Honig

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Ezekiel Honig
Born 1977
Origin New York City, U.S.
Genres Electronic, ambient, techno
Occupation(s) Label manager
Labels Anticipate Recordings
Microcosm Music

Ezekiel Honig, a New York City native, is a musician and label manager for Microcosm Music and Anticipate Recordings. He is a well-known figure in the electronic music community.[1]

Honig usually follows a strict production code on all of his songs. He uses 'found-sound' and warm melodies.[2]

Having put out two successful albums, Technology Is Lonely and People, Places & Things, Honig collaborated with friend and fellow musician Morgan Packard on Early Morning Migration. The album received praise from critics and was a highly successful album within the subgenre. Honig's fourth album, Scattered Practices, was a departure from his earlier work. It was less techno, and more ambient. His most recent album, Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band, was released by Anticipate on October 27, 2008.


Studio albums
  • 2004: Colorfield EP (Red Antenna)
  • 2004: People Places & Things Sampler with John Tejada remix (Microcosm)
  • 2005: It's Getting Cold Outside EP with Someone Else remix (Unfoundsound)
  • 2006: Live in Minneapolis (Microcosm)
  • 2008: Porchside Past Tense limited edition 7" vinyl (Anticipate)
  • 2009: Prologuing the Inevitable with David Last remix (Konque)
  • 2014: Paragraphs digital download and 12" vinyl (Other People)
  • 2004: Love Session / 1000 Remix EP with Graphic (Microcosm)
  • 2005: More Human Than Human Remixes with Soultek, isan, Ezekiel & Friends (Microcosm)
  • 2005: Macrofun Volume 3 with Someone Else (Microcosm)
  • 2006: Macrofun Volume 4 (as saidsound) with Krill.Minima (Microcosm)
  • 2006: Early Morning Migration Remix EP with Morgan Packard, Socks and Sandals (Microcosm)
  • 2006: The Road to Victory EP with Nicholas Sauser (Microcosm)
  • 2008: Open the Door Seaside Pastures part 1 with Dapayk and Midnight (Fenou)
  • 2010: A Sunny Day In Glasgow – "Nitetime Rainbows" (Mis Ojos Discos)
  • 2016: Kettenkarussell "Of Course" (Giegling)

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