Félix Gatineau

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Bust of Felix at the corner of Main St (to the right) and South Street (on the left)

Félix Gatineau (November 12, 1857 – December 21, 1927) was a French-Canadian statesman and historian in his adopted hometown of Southbridge, Massachusetts. He was born in Sainte-Victoire, Quebec, an area halfway between Montreal and Quebec City. Gatineau arrived in Southbridge in 1877. Among his many deeds, he was a state representative in Massachusetts in 1906, 1920–21, and 1927, and led several French-Canadian societies. His written works include L'Histoire des Franco-Américains de Southbridge and L'Historique des Conventions Générales des Canadiens-Français aux Etats-Unis.

A statue was erected in his honor in Southbridge at a fork in a main road. The Gatineau bust is a local landmark, and often serves as a wayfinder, with locals directing people "Félix to the left" or "Félix to the right."