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Förklädd Gud (God in Disguise) were an improvisational jazz group from Sweden. They formed in the early 1970s, and consisted of a constantly changing line-up of musicians from the fields of jazz, rock, and art music. In 1977, they released their self-titled album on the Caprice Records label.

The band were included on the Nurse With Wound list.

Förklädd Gud (1977)[edit]

Förklädd Gud
Jazz I Sverige 77.jpg
Studio album by Förklädd Gud
Released 1977
Genre Jazz
Label Caprice

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Suite Birth" (26'40")
  2. "Davis' Cup" (3'37")
  3. "Fläsklägg" (6'31")
  4. "Ditt Rosa Kranium" (5'16")
  5. "Hopplös Flamenco" (7'30")
  6. "After Ours" (1'7")