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Football Association of Maldives (FAM) Awards is organised by the Football Association of Maldives.

Golden Boot[edit]

Year Player
2004[1] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2005[1] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2006[1] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2007[1][2] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2008[1][3] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel (20 goals)
2009[1][4] Maldives Ali Ashfaq (39 goals)
2010[1] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2011[5] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel (29 goals)
2012 Maldives Mohamed Umair (26 goals)

Best Player[edit]

Year Player
2004[1] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2005[1] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2006[1] Maldives Ali Umar
2007[1][2] Maldives Assad Abdul Ghanee
2008[1][3] Maldives Mukhthar Naseer
2009[1][4] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2010[1] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel
2011[5] Maldives Ibrahim Fazeel (1st)
Maldives Ali Ashfaq (2nd)
Maldives Mohamed Arif (3rd)

Best Club[edit]

Year Club
2007[1][2] Vyansa
2008[1][3] Club Valencia
2009[1][4] Victory Sports Club
2010[1] VB Sports Club
2011[5] VB Addu FC

Best Woman Player[edit]

Year Player
2007[1][2] Maldives Fadhuwa Zahir
2008[1] Maldives Fadhuwa Zahir
2009[1][4] Maldives Fathmath Shaliya
2010[1] Maldives Fathmath Shaliya

Three most recognised Referees[edit]

Year Referees
2007[1][2] Maldives Mohamed Fareedh
Maldives Ahmed Ameez
Maldives Riyaz Rasheed
2008[1][3] Maldives Ahmed Ameez
Maldives Mohamed Fareedh
Maldives Mohamed Anil
2009[1][4] Maldives Ali Saleem
Maldives Mohamed Anil
Maldives Mohamed Fareedh
2010[1] Maldives Ahmed Ameez
Maldives Ahmed Aslam
Maldives Mohamed Anil
2011[5] Maldives Mohamed Fareed
Maldives Jaufar Rasheed
Maldives Ahmed Shifan Abdul Raheem

Best Youth Player[edit]

Year Player
2007[2] Maldives Hussain Nisham (Under13)
Maldives Hassan Adhuham (Under19)
Maldives Mohamed Umair (Under21)
2008[1][3] Maldives Hafil Hassan
2009[1][4] Maldives Hassan Saaif
2010[1] Maldives Mohamed Sadin Abdul Hannaan
2011[5] Maldives Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed (Under16)
Maldives Guraish Abdhul Razzaq (Under19)

Club with highest attendance[edit]

Year Club
2009[4] New Radiant Sports Club
2010 NA
2011[5] New Radiant Sports Club

FAM President's Award[edit]

Year Player
2009[4] Maldives Ali Ashfaq
2010 NA

Popular Player (via fans' SMS)[edit]

Year Player
2009[4] Maldives Mohammad Umair
2010 NA
2011[5] Maldives Mohamed Arif

Fairplay Player[edit]

Year Player
2007[2] Maldives Shamweel Qasim
2008 NA
2009 NA
2010 NA

Best Goalkeeper[edit]

Year Goalkeeper
2007[2] Maldives Hassan Rameez
2008 NA
2009 NA
2010 NA

Special Contribution Award[edit]

Year Person
2011[5] Mr. Ibrahim Nooraddeen
Mr. Hassan Nizar

Special Recognition Award[edit]

Year Company
2011[5] Dhiraagu


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