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FEMtools (Finite Element Model Tools) is a multi-functional, cross-platform and solver-independent family of CAE software programs providing analysis and scripting solutions for many different types of applications. The program is developed, supported and licensed by Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") NV .


FEMtools consists of many tools that are licensed as part of standard configurations or as optional add-ons. The program is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac[1] operating systems. The program can be used standalone or is used with solvers such as Nastran, ANSYS and Abaqus.

Applications are built upon a proprietary framework that includes a GUI desktop, data interfacing and database management. A graphics viewer supports visualization of meshes and analysis results. A powerful scripting language and API is included to customize or extend the program. A wealth of tools and modules are available for equation solving, matrix operators, data manipulation, diagnostics, and results validation. Entire custom applications can be developed on top of the FEMtools framework.

The following technologies are available through the different program configurations:.

• Simulation and test data interfacing.
• Database management, solver integration and CAE process automation.
• Mesh generation, mesh morphing and mesh quality verification.
• Classical and operational modal analysis.
• Operational deflection shapes (ODS) analysis.
• Rigid body properties extractor.
• Structural dynamics simulation using finite element and test models.
• Pre-test analysis and planning.
• Test-analysis correlation analysis.
• Sensitivity analysis.
• Automated FE model updating.
• Force identification.
• Design optimization (topology, shape, size, material).
• Design space sampling (Monte Carlo sampling, Design of Experiments, response surface modelling, genetic algorithms).
• Uncertainty propagation and probabilistic structural analysis.


FEMtools is designed to handle all sizes of finite element and test models for a wide range of industrial applications. Industrial applications can be found in the fields for structural dynamics troubleshooting, NVH, finite element model verification, validation and updating (V&V), mesh coarsening or refinement, structural health monitoring (SHM), material and property identification, structural optimization, robust design and more.[2]

FEMtools is used by prestigious companies like Airbus, Boeing, Caterpillar, EADS, Ford, Goodrich, Honda, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, MAN, Northrop Grumman, Renault, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Sony, Toyota, Volvo, and Whirlpool.

FEMtools has been used as the backbone for Hong Kong Stonecutter's Bridge structural health evaluation system.[3]

Academic applications include structural analysis education, algorithm development, and application research.[4][5]


1988 - Development started as a custom tool for FE model updating of Nastran and Ansys models that is called SYSTUNE.
1994 - Dynamic Design Solutions founded and acquiring the SYSTUNE source code.
1995 - SYSTUNE renamed as FEMtools.
2000 - Release of FEMtools 2.0 integrating a new scripting language.
2003 - Release of third generation (v3.0) of FEMtools.
2008 - Addition of a module for structural optimization.
2010 - Addition of a module for rigid body properties identification from FRFs.
2011 - Addition of a module for experimental modal analysis (classic input-output) and output-only operational modal analysis.


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