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FENE-P is a continuous model of polymer. The name FENE stands for finitely extensible nonlinear elastic while P stands for the closure proposed by Peterlin. It takes the dumbbell version of the FENE model and assumed the Peterline statistical closure for the restoring force.


FENE-P is one of few polymer models that can be used in fluid dynamics simulations (CFD) since it removes the need of statistical averaging at each grid point at any instant in time. It is demonstrated to be able to capture some of the most important polymeric flow behaviors such as polymer turbulence drag reduction and shear thinning. It is the most commonly used polymer model that can be used in a turbulence simulation since turbulence DNS is already extremely expensive.


Due to its simplifications, FENE-P is not able to show the hysteresis effects that polymers have, which to the contrast the FENE model is capable of.