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Logo of FUD

FUD (pronounced like the English word food) is a brand name for hot dogs, sausages, bacon and cold cuts produced by the Mexican company Sigma Alimentos, which itself is part of the ALFA industrial conglomerate.

Recently, Sigma Alimentos has licensed a US company to produce and distribute FUD branded products in the USA, principally to sell in areas of heavy Mexican immigration where the brand name is already known to a certain degree.

The name FUD is an acronym for the Spanish words Fino, Único y Delicioso (Fine, Unique & Delicious). There are other Spanish language neologisms coined by the Sigma Alimentos marketing department to promote FUD. For example, the word Fudgolazo as seen on Spanish-language television and grocery store advertising, refers to a contest held by FUD for tickets to the 2006 FIFA World Cup (golazo is a Spanish word meaning a great, critical or important goal in a soccer game.

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Some FUD products are

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