Fa Hui Park

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Fa Hui Park
Fa Hui Park Basketball Court 2012.jpg
Fa Hui Park Basketball Court
Fa Hui Park is located in Hong Kong
Fa Hui Park
Type Urban park
Location Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Coordinates 22°19′41″N 114°10′26″E / 22.328°N 114.174°E / 22.328; 114.174Coordinates: 22°19′41″N 114°10′26″E / 22.328°N 114.174°E / 22.328; 114.174
Area 3.19 hectares (7.9 acres)
Managed by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Open All year from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
2009 Chinese New Year Fair at Fa Hui Park.

Fa Hui Park (Chinese: 花墟公園; Jyutping: faa1 heoi1 gung1 jyun4) is a small park located along and north of Boundary Street(toward Kowloon City, Bay and Kwun Tong), at the southeastern corner of Sham Shui Po District,[1] Kowloon West in Hong Kong. It occupies 3.19 hectares (7.9 acres).[2] It is one of the sites where a Lunar New Year Fair is held every year.

There is a 1,100 square metres (12,000 sq ft) community garden in the park. Participants of "Community Garden Programme" are allowed to grow crops and ornamental plants in the community garden of Fa Hui Park; they are also permitted to take the harvest home afterwards.[3]


Before Fa Hui Park was built, 8,000 squatters lived there. On 1 November 1955, a disastrous fire devastated over 400 huts, killed four persons and left over 6,000 people homeless. On 22 October 1956, another fire made a further 2,000 people homeless. After accommodating the victims at various resettlement estates in Kowloon, the Government built Fa Hui Park there.[4]


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