Fact and Fiction

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Fact and Fiction
Twelfth Night fact and fiction.jpg
Studio album by Twelfth Night
Released December 1982
Recorded Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester, England, Summer 1982
Genre Neo-progressive rock
Length 49:37
Label Twelfth Night Records
Producer Twelfth Night, Andy MacPherson
Twelfth Night chronology
Smiling at Grief
Fact and Fiction
Live and Let Live

Fact and Fiction is a studio album released by UK neo-progressive band Twelfth Night in 1982.


Recorded during down-time at Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme, Fact and Fiction was engineered by Stuart Rickering, Johnny Gluck, and Pablo, and produced by Twelfth Night and Andy MacPherson. Tape effects remixed at Twilight Studios, Salford, England, with engineer Frank Walsh.

Originally to be released on the REVO label (like the "Eleanor Rigby" single), but while Revolution was financing it the band did not feel they were getting the artistic control they would have liked, so they bought the tapes themselves, throwing their financial position into chaos.

The first pressing, of 1000 LPs, sold out in 4 weeks.

When French label MSI Distribution wanted to re-issue Fact and Fiction on CD, they did talk to drummer and archivist Brian Devoil about it, but, as was the case with their Live at the Target re-issue, released it before a formal contract was made and signed.

The songs "We Are Sane" and "Creepshow" from this release are included on the compilation album Collector's Item.

The official CD was released in August 2002 with seven bonus tracks

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Twelfth Night.

  1. "We Are Sane" (a. Te Dium; b. We Are Sane; c. Dictator's Excuse Me) (10:27)
  2. "Human Being" (7:50)
  3. "This City" (4:01)
  4. "World Without End" (1:54)
  5. "Fact and Fiction" (3:59)
  6. "The Poet Sniffs a Flower" (3:51)
  7. "Creepshow" (11:57)
  8. "Love Song" (5:38)


As above, with seven bonus tracks:

  1. "East of Eden" (3:27, single a-side)
  2. "Eleanor Rigby" (3:22, single b-side)
  3. "Constant (Fact and Fiction)" (2:27, demo, Spring 1982)
  4. "Fistful of Bubbles" (3:18, demo, Spring 1982)
  5. "Leader" (2:40, demo, Spring 1982)
  6. "Dancing in the Dream" (2:58, demo, Spring 1982)
  7. "Human Being" (3:56, session outtake - alternate version)

Other contemporary tracks[edit]

  • An early version of "Human Being", recorded 16 March 1982 during the same sessions as "Constant (Fact and Fiction)", "Fistful of Bubbles", "Leader" and "Dancing in the Dream", is available on Voices in the Night.
  • Three tracks recorded by the band in July 1983 as demos for CBS have been released; two on Collector's Item ("The Ceiling Speaks" and "Deep in the Heartland") and one on Voices in the Night (another version of "Fact and Fiction").



  • Jane Mann - additional vocals on "World Without End" and "Fact and Fiction"