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Faith/Void Split LP
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 1982
RecordedInner Ear Studios
GenreHardcore punk
ProducerIan MacKaye, Don Zientara
Void chronology
Condensed Flesh
Faith/Void Split LP
Potion for Bad Dreams
The Faith chronology
Faith/Void Split LP
Subject to Change
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

The Faith/Void Split LP is a split album by Washington D.C. hardcore groups Void and the Faith, released on Dischord Records in 1982. Void was one of the earliest examples of hardcore/metal crossover with their chaotic musical approach cited as particularly influential.[2] Kurt Cobain listed the album in his top fifty albums of all time.[3][4]

Background and influence[edit]

The Faith and Void were hardcore bands from Washington D.C., both with few releases (this is Void's only release throughout the band's existence),[5] but a relatively large underground following among punk and hardcore punk fans.[6] Both bands were connected to Dischord Records, the punk label run by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat and were considered pioneers of DC Hardcore.[7]

Writing for the Guardian, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady referred to the split as “one of the most vital hardcore records ever released” and continued: “It's a reminder of hardcore at its finest: angry and dangerous without being cartoonish”.[8] This sentiment is popular among fans, with other publications calling the split: one of the greatest hardcore records ever put to wax,[9] or the Void side of the split: “probably the most influential on the punk-thrash scene of the 90's”.[10]


The record was number 8 in the Dischord catalog, indicating it was the label's 8th release. Originally, the record was available in a test pressing with a handmade sleeve, followed by a regular pressing in cardboard sleeve with two lyrics inserts, one per band, both made in 1982. Dischord has since remastered the album and re-released it twice - in 2008 in clear purple vinyl, and in 2011, in black vinyl.[11]


The sleeve art for the LP (which dedicates one side to each of the bands on the original vinyl) is also rather iconic.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

The Faith[edit]

  1. "It's Time"
  2. "Face to Face"
  3. "Trapped"
  4. "In Control"
  5. "Another Victim"
  6. "What's Wrong with Me?"
  7. "What You Think"
  8. "Confusion"
  9. "You're X'd"
  10. "Nightmare"
  11. "Don't Tell Me"
  12. "In the Black"


  1. "Who Are You?"
  2. "Time to Die"
  3. "Condensed Flesh"
  4. "Ignorant People"
  5. "Change Places"
  6. "Ask Them Why"
  7. "Organized Sports"
  8. "My Rules"
  9. "Self Defense"
  10. "War Hero"
  11. "Think"
  12. "Explode"


Dischord re-issued the album on compact disc in November 1993, with the following extra tracks (from the Faith's Subject to Change EP). The disc was remastered at Silver Sonya in 2002 and subsequently re-released.

  1. Aware
  2. Say No More
  3. Limitations
  4. No Choice
  5. Untitled
  6. Subject to Change
  7. More of the Shame
  8. Slowdown


Faith/Void personnel as listed in the album liner notes.


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