Fajada Gap

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Fajada Gap
Chaco Canyon Fajada Butte in snow NPS.jpg
Fajada Butte and Fajada Gap
Location San Juan County, New Mexico,
United States
Coordinates 36°01′08″N 107°54′35″W / 36.01889°N 107.90972°W / 36.01889; -107.90972Coordinates: 36°01′08″N 107°54′35″W / 36.01889°N 107.90972°W / 36.01889; -107.90972
Topo map USGS Pueblo Bonito
Fajada Gap is located in New Mexico
Fajada Gap
Location in New Mexico

The Fajada Gap is a geographical feature in the southwestern portion of Chaco Canyon, which is part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park located in the U.S. state of New Mexico. Surrounding Fajada Butte, it consists of a conspicuous gap penetrating the Chacra Mesa, which comprises much of the southwestern cliff faces hemming Chaco Canyon. Fajada Gap has historically helped funnel summer and winter thunderstorms and accompanying precipitation into the Chaco Canyon area.[1]


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