Falco of Maastricht

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Saint Falco of Maastricht
Died 512
Venerated in Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast 20 February Traditional Catholic Calendar

Saint Falco, sometimes: Falco of Maastricht or of Tongeren, (died 512)[1] was according to tradition bishop of Maastricht from 495 until 512. He is also venerated as a Roman Catholic saint.

In Medieval hagiography he is hardly noted. Yet, Falco is the first bishop of Maastricht, after Servatius, who is securly documented.[2] He is mentioned in an undated letter sent by Saint Remigius, in which Remigius complains about Falco usurping certain rights in Mouzon.[3] He allegedly attended the Council of Auvergne (535)[4] and the Fifth Council of Orléans.[5]

His feast day is 20 February, which he shares with Eucharius I, traditionally his predecessor as bishop of Maastricht.


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